Kerry Harrison

Specsavers little angels and little monsters campaign

Here’s some of the press ads which we’ve noticed in The Guardian, The Sun and everywhere in between. Great to work with Michael, Aaron and Amanda on this one.

Specsavers behind the scenes

This was a great shoot for Specsavers for a new campaign they’re running globally. We had Alice Timms not only doing the styling but actually designing the bear hat for the second pair of glasses and Claire Louise on hair and makeup. And team LPA as always doing a great job production wise. Thanks also to Hayley and Jamie Mellor for these behind the scenes shots. It was also nice to be shooting in a house around a mile from where I live for a change!

My favourite bit was when one of our young models decided to push everyone out of the way so he could peer in at the laptop (preventing the art director from peering in). You can see him here on the top right photo, think he was concerned about copy space for the 6 sheet crop.

Vip net shoot Belgrade

We did a fantastic shoot for Vip net over in Belgrade in February and now the images are being used I can show some! Will be adding many of them to my site in the next few weeks but here’s one for now. A very nice chap in an amazing art studio 6 floors up in a building without a lift. As usual we brought all the heavy lights and stands and then I didn’t use any of them!

The brief called for us to shoot real people so I was super happy about that! We had great casting from all over the place, wonderful styling and props, great art direction and I’m proud of the images.

More to come but many thanks to Milos, Natasa and the rest of the guys from Leo Burnett, the lovely clients, all at Bas Celik, Lauren and Bryony at LPA, Ben and all at The Forge…. bloody hell, thats like some Oscar acceptance speech for one shot!

Todays exploration

Another Friday mooching about London for a few meetings today and I found this lady in a cafe near Trafalgar Square. A quiet moment less than 3 metres from the Spanish School kids on a trip who pushed me against the window in their enthusiasm to get a look at Nelson’s Column.

There’s plenty of shots from commissioned shoots about to go live so I look forward to sharing them soon but I’m liking the mix of jobs and these found moments.

Looking in in London

A very dapper chap who put me and my scruffy ways to shame. Soon after this I would very nearly end up in an altercation with a Leicester Square portrait artist. In future I must learn to avoid shooting near anyone who has drawings of Prince Charles and Cliff Richard close by – not a bad motto for life really!

Looking down in London

I decided to walk half the way home after my meeting today in the west end. This meant traversing a road I usually avoid like the plague due to my aversion to shops. Oxford Street – hell on earth. Got a few nice shots though and then bought some new trainers so maybe it’s not such a bad street after all.

iPhones at dawn on Vip net shoot in Belgrade

Here’s some quick iPhone shots from our long shoot in Belgrade for vip net in February. I’m really looking forward to showing some of the shots as it was a fantastic shoot with artists, musicians, dogs, kids and almost a kitchen sink thrown in there! A great brief!

Lovely to work with Leo Burnett Serbia on this as well as the brilliant production house Bas Celik who also make some amazing and important feature films like this.

Anyway thanks for looking at the iPhone gallery – more to come soon


Ballet School South Africa

I felt pretty lucky last year to have an amazingly varied job for the software company Sage. The images have been used on ads, website and many other places but the brief called for a basically documentary approach which was all good with me.

Thanks as ever to Claire Arroyo, Justine, Ben and LPA as well as everyone looking after us in South Africa.


Wild Turkey Ads

Here’s a shoot from a while ago for Wild Turkey. I was pleased to shoot this image in one go, as in, all the flares captured in camera – I know no one really cares about such things but I do!

London with no fog

Ok, so back in the country where we’re supposed to have loads of fog, here are three shots from today’s excursion around East and central London in glorious sunshine!

I’m thinking of posting more of my reportage photography up here, it’s just the best way to ‘practice’ for jobs and it seems a shame not to show anyone.

Belgrade in the fog

I went over to Belgrade last week for a meeting about a job. Its usually a pretty sunny place but the fog was just unbelievable on the day I landed. I had a few hours in the afternoon to go and have a walk around but I’m afraid I haven’t done the place justice here, I met some fantastic friendly people from the agency, the clients and the production house, got taken to a great restaurant with brilliant live jazz and then the sun came out for much of the next day. I, however, was inside chatting through the brief so these are the only shots.

The shoot starts in February so fingers crossed that the fog heads back to the UK where we’re more used to it!

Cutting and Sticking

Here’s a shot from a great shoot last week – yes thats last week, in fact it was January 2nd and I had to drive up to our location on the 1st of Jan feeling a little tender! Oh well, worse things happen at sea I hear.

So, the brief called for some random images which link together really nicely. We shot kids looking cute (but realistic), feet up on tables, piles of books and views through bus windows onto rainy streets… it will all make sense when you see it I promise.

Anyway, hope you had a good break, thanks for reading



A bitter day in many cities!

Had a lovely (if a bit too cold) shoot earlier this week for a high end bag company. It was shot in a very reportage style with ‘real’ people, no styling and a brief to make images that looked like at least three countries whilst shooting in one UK city only!

Luckily I like a challenge. Will have some nice images to share in the new year when their new site is launched but for now here’s one that looks English, or maybe French. We’ve got Spain and New York up our sleeve!

Building Society campaigns

I shot two great campaigns over the summer for Chelsea Building Society and Yorkshire Building Society and it’s nice to see them out and about!

Both were for outdoor, online and POS and for this phone shot of the taxi I was able to seamlessly blend in with the tourists taking photos of St Pauls.

Thanks to LPA for production, Bryon Harrop for Styling, Carol McKitty and Zoe Tilston for Hair & Makeup and Paul, Anne-Marie and co from the agency, oh and the client! Bloody hell, its all getting a bit like an awards speech!

Specsavers shoot

Here’s a few images from a great shoot for Specsavers. Lovely brief and art direction and I thought we got the casting/styling/location spot on (thanks to Claire Louise, Charlie Cave and  Jonathon at LPA as well as Jamie for assisting). Got to love a table full of laughing pensioners I say!

Snapshots from the car window – Johannesburg

Well our shoot in Johannesburg started today, we’ve met some lovely people and it’s all gone well. The first location was over an hour and a half from the city and took us past townships as the residents were making their way out for the day – here’s a few snapshots out of the window of the car. The light is SO vibrant that I may struggle to go back to the UK and it’s muted tones. Also I need all tree’s to be purple now like these ones, I mean green is just so passé!

Last of the sunshine for this year?

…Well hopefully not! Here’s a few shots from a recent shoot in the UK, I’m heading to South Africa for a shoot next week so I’m hoping for some of this light everyday please!


The Independent – a piece on our film

The Independent did a lovely piece yesterday about the feature film I directed. It’s written by the film writer and my co-producer on the film David Gledhill and may bring a tear to the eye!

The article is here  and the trailer is here

Also I re discovered these great instagram photos taken during filming by our set/wardrobe/props stylist Nina Beresford – jesus it was cold! I particularly like the bottom right photo of our highly illegal driving/filming rig – yes that really is me in the middle with a tripod weighed down with sandbags and our other 2 camera ops Alex Keyte and Andy Little each holding a door open with a light stand. Isn’t that how they did it on Fast & Furious???

Pad Thai

This lady made me a great Pad Thai just after she boxed this up – and for only £3!

Play is a serious business!

I’ve been doing quite a few shoots with kids recently and have been really enjoying it – it’s great to see the world from their perspective and on this shoot I found out that play is a serious business! Once some sharing of the good witch outfit had been negotiated it all went smoothly!

I worked with stylist Nina Beresford on getting the mix right for this shoot. We just wanted it to be believable that the kids/parents had made the outfits. Then I concentrated on making it look as engaging and hectic as possible which wasn’t too hard it must be said!

I’ve put a gallery of kids photography up on my site although I’m just waiting to be able to use a load of shots which will make this section really varied!

Also got a meeting about my new website and branding later this week!!

Thanks for reading