Kerry Harrison

New project

Sometimes a job will come in that I would quite honestly do for free, or even pay to do and this job is one of them. I was basically let loose around the National Theatre with a lovely brief and fantastic art direction.

As always there will be more shots to come but I love this guy who I found hanging out by the sink in a storeroom!

Next up is Hamburg, better get packing! Thanks for reading.

On tour – again!

Been having a clear out and back up of the laptops today ready for the next busy period and found this image from our Dublin job a few weeks ago. This was from the last day of the shoot where we street cast on the spot – SO much easier in Dublin than in the UK. Dublin was such a great city and we’re hoping that Glasgow is as much fun on our shoot next week.

Then we’ve got Palma and Hamburg after that (would that be Palma-Ham on a flight list?), and then on to somewhere in France (please don’t be Calais!) and back to the UK. Nice to be busy !

Out on the Thames

I love to go out with my camera and document what I find. The aim on this job however was to manufacture some of these moments to still feel totally spontaneous and fresh and I feel really happy with the images. Here’s one for now, I’m looking forward to writing more about the shoot once it’s all live in September.

Thanks for reading!


Rowing club

I’m now midway through a great shoot which centres around the river Thames. Last week I was out on a boat as the sun went down shooting some rowers – another random moment, especially when I attempted to stand up for a different angle and nearly ended up in the drink.

There are some amazing locations still to shoot later this week as well.

I’ll have to wait to share the images but I liked this one anyway of some random rowers on their way back to land.

Adidas Old School, New Rules campaign

We did this shoot for Adidas back in May and it’s finally all gone live. We shot for two days in Stoke Park Golf Club for the Golf versions of Adidas Samba and Superstar with the brief to maybe break a few of the traditional club rules .

The main bulk of the rule breaking was actually by us lot (being golf club novices) as we buggied in all the wrong places and forgot to be quiet when people were teeing off in those sand pit things.

Lovely to work with Vicki and Ben from the agency, Simon from Adidas as well as Alice Timms (in a golfing jumpsuit no less) and Claire Louise from team LPA.

Early morning rower

Its been recce day two today for a great shoot starting next week. Its an exciting brief for me and everything is coming along nicely.

On day one of the recce, very very early in the morning, on a bridge over the Thames we saw this guy hurtling towards us at a rate of knots (apologies if my rowing terminology is off!). This inspired me to change lens and sprint Usain Bolt style onto the middle of the bridge to get this frame.

Reckon we’ve done around ten miles of walking around London in the heat today so all in all this shoot is pretty good for my health!

Dublin street photography

A part of my recent shoot in Dublin was about capturing the essence of being in the place. So this naturally means shots of people who haven’t previously known they might be in a shot that day. In the UK this can be tricky, especially in London, but in Dublin we got nothing but yes’s (yeses, yes’ss…??). Such lovely people!

So I will look forward to showing more once the work is out there but here’s one that didn’t make the cut that I like (and I’m not even sure why I like it, I just do!)

New Specsavers campaign

This kid was amazing, so full of energy and wonder at the world, the tricky thing was just choosing which moment was best!

This image and another one of a kid in a shark hat (another great kid, we were spoilt) will be up on posters and in-store very soon. It was great to work with Michael, Aaron, Sarah, Natasha, Steve and Amanda again as well as the usual suspects, Alice Timms (Hat maker extraordinaire), Claire Louise, Hayley, JM and Lisa at The Forge, and Jonathon, Cassie and Lauren from team LPA ….(and breathe)


Coming to a billboard near you soon…. if you live in Serbia or Macedonia.

Chairs in Dublin

We were in Dublin last week on a great shoot. It was hot and sunny, well except for the last day when we spent most of the day rained off in the hotel reception sitting next to some Hollywood film producers – it was a VERY loud conversation they were having, especially the ‘best boy’ debate which went on for some time!

The shot here is not one from the shoot but I can’t resist taking a shot when I see something like this.

New Specsavers shoot will be here soon!

Until the final shots are up on posters and online here’s an out-take from my recent shoot for Specsavers. This one was shelved due to health & safety, for good reason really, I don’t imagine a dinosaur hat to provide much protection in a fall.

It was a great shoot, they are lovely people to work with and, strangely, in each Specsavers shoot we manage to choose a house with a mystery famous(ish) owner. Last time was an award winning screenwriter and this time there were shots of the chap with his arms around Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey up on the walls. Intriguing! Of course I was there to take photos but Claire Louise was set a task to find out. Turns out he books all the acts for big stadium gigs.

So that’s todays moderately interesting fact of the day sorted. I’m off to Dublin for a shoot tomorrow so better get back to the packing!

Thanks for looking x

Another car shot!!

Seems to be a lot of shots of people in cars on my blog these days and also a lot of shots from my shoots for VIP mobile! I have actually been busy on other jobs as well but can’t show any yet (boooo).

The VIP job is now over and we are sad about it. Such a lovely bunch to work for and I think all in all I’ve been in Serbia for just under a month this year – yet only know about five words – terrible!

Bojana Ristevski

I photographed the artist Bojana Ristevski last month as she worked in her studio in Belgrade. I really felt for all of the creative people I met in Serbia as, unfortunately, the economic crisis and state of the government means there is literally no way of making money from being an artist. All of the galleries and shops over here in the UK that would stock their work just don’t exist in Serbia, and you can forget about public art galleries. Luckily there is a lot of great work being made anyway.


Plants on windowsill

Give me a roll or two of grainy film and some plants on a windowsill and I’ll be happy, I can’t help it!

Shot in artist Jovana Cavorovic’s studio whilst waiting for the rain to stop, sipping Rakia and trying to pretend that it doesn’t taste like fire!

Air Drumming

Sometimes you just can’t beat air drumming (ahem)! I believe this moment was the key change in Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a prayer’ courtesy of some local radio station!


We got rained off for two days last week in Belgrade so made use of it by photographing two artists, then heading to meet producer Violeta to photograph her sideline cookie making business (paid in cookies of course).

River Danube

One of the many things I love about my job is the lovely, and sometimes strange places we end up. This shot was on location on the river Danube at 6am, a gorgeous and relaxing start to the day (well aside from getting up at 4.30am to get there!).

The shot after this found me leaning precariously out of a moving old 4×4 photographing people leaning out of the back, and then we turned a stadium foyer into an airport for the third shot.

A random shoot, looking forward to showing some shots (with heads in) soon!

Helena in Novisad

After a great shoot for Specsavers yesterday we’re off tback to Serbia today for a three day shoot. Here’s a shot from our shoot in Novisad last time I was over there in May – the end of a long but great day and I love Helena’s direct look at camera. Sometimes I think a ‘lifestyle’ shot can be way more impactful if it’s not a huge moment. Sometimes a small moment says more…


Anyways, thanks for reading x

Chelsea Dogs

This shot was taken in Chelsea recently whilst on a two day shoot. It was a great shoot but I’ve got to say I find Chelsea to be more alien to me than most of the far flung countries I’ve shot in. We spent the whole time dodging Ferrari’s and sidestepping Louis Vuitton bag wielding ladies! Give me Brixton anyday!

Anyway, enough moaning for one blog post, here’s hoping this sunshine lasts for the weekend – I’m off to Chelsea…erm!