Kerry Harrison


Sara-Lily at home. Part of some new work I’ve been shooting this week.

Premier Inn kids

My ever growing manual of ‘How to get natural shots of kids even in the most staged of set ups’ (need to work on the title, get something a bit more snappy me thinks) now includes two new classics – get them pushing each other around on a trunki really quickly whilst the first aider looks anxiously on, and get em watching frozen (although any parent knows that trick!)

Babies, babies, babies!

Here’s the first of 2 recent campaigns for Cow & Gate.

Photographing babies for very specific ads is super tricky it’s got to be said but we had great casting from Sue Odell and great production from Locate Productions so that helped reign in the chaos somewhat!

Will have the next instalment soon from the Cape Town shoot where much younger babies had to clap hands or else we’d failed (gulp!).

Thanks also to the great team at BETC, great client and Vue

Lowe Alpine first ads

Nice to see the first uses of my recent Lowe Alpine shoot. Hoping to get a few double page spreads soon as well.

Great working with genuine climbers and fell runners and those locations were WELL worth the early starts, insect bites and kamikaze drives through winding mountain roads (mentioning no names Joe…).

Feature Film – We’re here for a good time not a long time

Most of my blog posts are pretty easy really, just throw some images on and maybe add a little bit of info, so I’ve been dreading this one. How do I express everything thats gone into the making of mine and David Gledhill’s first feature film in a succinct way?

I guess a bit of background is in order. My friend David got in touch with me and said he’d written a film script and wondered if I’d be interested in making the film. Now bearing in mind if you added up the length of all of my moving image projects together at that point it would’ve come in under 15 minutes, saying yes to a narrative feature length film (with actors and everything!) was pretty daunting. But then I read the script. It was about David and addressed the situation he was in with his partner Tracey who had Cystic Fibrosis. It was a film about how David would cope after Tracy passed away but it didn’t mention specifics so really it was a script about love and loss, things that pretty much everyone can relate to. It was slow moving and beautiful.

In talking about the script we realised that us Brits shy away from such things and that very few films really show the reality of losing someone and then having to go on with life. It was important to us to do this in a respectful way but also the film needed hope and a sense that life does go on without things having to be magically ‘fixed’.

I wanted to make the film but I didn’t want to jump through the hoops of investment and producers who end up with a say in the film. I wanted to do it with no compromise even if this would make it a pretty intense few years. So we started pre production. Casting the actors, finding the locations and then things got way more intense than anyone would have imagined when Tracey sadly passed away. This left David effectively living the script whilst we made the film. Nothing like a situation like that to make a small crew go above and beyond on long bleak shoot days in the Lake District in winter. I wish we’d have been documenting that period but we only had so many seats in the van!

Our film was made entirely for the sake of making something we wanted to make, with no compromises whatsoever and so we had no idea about getting it on a screen or into the hands of a distributor. At the end of a year of meeting some very nice people in the film industry we’ve come back to our original ethos and are going to do it our own way. The film is online, to watch for free, it was never about the money, so I hope some of you might watch it, and if you like it, tell a friend.

The full length film is here –

And above is the 2 minute trailer for those who don’t have 75 mins free!

Thanks for reading, I promise more photos and less copy in the next posts! x

Fog finding

We found ourselves chasing the clouds on this recent shoot for Lowe Alpine, having started the day further up the top of the mountain for gorgeous early morning sunshine we retreated back into the mist for this image and a few others. I love how it wraps around the trees.

Don’t think this one will be seen in any of the ads as it was a quick unplanned shot and both he and the pack would be clearly in the gutter on a double page spread! I still like it and might’ve taken a few more had a dumper truck not parked just by the tree on the left one minute later.



On the road

Premier Inn – round one

We did a great shoot for Premier Inn just before Christmas and finally I can share some of the images. Just a bit tricky deciding which ones to show, such was the variety of the shoot.

Great to work with the lovely folks at Rufus Leonard and the equally lovely client.


I’m looking forward to getting a minute to get some new galleries together on the website and Jez here will be featuring in some of the surfing series.

For now though all my attention is on the next few shoots, one in London and one in Cape Town but both with babies and musical instruments – ear defenders at the ready!

I love a good forest!

Igueste de San Andres

I recently shot a lot of surfing in the UK but before I can share those ones, here are two more. Shot in the Canaries last week before we started the Lowe Alpine shoot.

There’s lots of good stuff from that shoot and the first ads will be out very soon, I am just about recovered from the super early mornings and late finishes oh and the killer mojitos from the beach bar playing the loudest salsa we’d ever heard!

The waiting game

Got lots of new shoots to put online in the next few weeks hopefully. Scottish Power, Premier Inn, the aforementioned secret Russian shoot (nothing like as ominous as it sounds) and a few other shoots too!

A cold start to the year

We had a week shooting in Saint Petersburg in January, can’t show any proper behind the scenes or say much about it for now but it was fun, beautiful and colder than several cold things wrapped in ice in a freezer! Got to say I’m pleased my next shoot out of the country is in the Canary Islands, no frostbite there!

A big thanks for all the great shoots in 2014

I just wanted to write a quick post to thank everyone I’ve worked with this year before the wrapping of presents/ peeling of potatoes/ drinking of mulled wine takes over.

It’s hard to choose the ‘best’ shoot of the year but some in particular that spring to mind were the fabulous shoot across Europe for Enterprise Car Hire with the brilliant team at Dare, the visits across to Belgrade to shoot for VIP Mobile with Leo Burnett Belgrade and Bas Celik production house. Then there were some great trips to Dublin and the Lake District, great shoots for Scottish Power, Sage, Adidas and Premier Inn, shoots out on the Thames at sunset (beautiful for all senses except smell) and in waders in northern European lakes!! Oh and not forgetting being on tour with the McCann Manchester lot this Autumn…and the lovely Specsavers shoots. I have been spoiled!

So I’m hoping for more of the same next year and have asked Santa for more great briefs, more chances to make some great images whilst enjoying the variety of people and locations (oh and some Toffifee). As he never got me the Scalextric I requested for a few years in a row I’m hoping he comes through on this one!

Thanks for reading, wrap up warm, wear yellow wellies and have a good one x

Adidas Superstar and Samba Golf

Shot these earlier in the year for Adidas, nice to see a few new images getting used! We’re up shooting in Scotland this week and longing for some weather like this again (this is especially the case for tomorrows location in the hills above Glasgow, brrrrrrr).

Marianne – Glasgow

I think that beautiful light on recce days should be banned! Its kind of like the new version of the pre shoot polaroid where it would look amazing and then you’d spend the whole shoot trying to get the moment again but on ‘proper’ film!

We hope to see this light again when we’re up there in December, oh but then we’d like some dark foreboding skies as well for the day we’re shooting in the hills…

Chess or lunch?

Been knocking around in Shoreditch today for a couple of meetings and managed to get this shot despite the truly terrible light. I waited for some time to get the right moment of these two diners and wasn’t spotted once despite my new coat which is the brightest blue I have ever seen!

New representation

I am very excited to announce that I am now represented by the lovely people at

Vue have some amazing photographers so I’m very proud to be joining!

Scottish Power

We’re back in Glasgow at the moment on a recce for our next Scottish Power shoot but this is from the last one in September. We are big fans of Glasgow and today has only affirmed this view due to eating some amazing Gujarati food (served with a super strong Glaswegian accent) and finding some great locations for December’s shoot – just got to watch out for those Christmas decorations!!