Kerry Harrison

New Buffalo Lookbook

Nice to see this lovely lookbook from my shoot for Buffalo with Journal, although it can’t help but remind me of a bag of chips when wrapped like this – maybe thats just my northern roots.

Kids & Cars for Halfords

I hardly know where to start with blog posts about our recent Halfords shoot as there was so much variety going on. So lets start with kids and cars but exclude kids washing cars for now as that was a whole different kettle of fish (I mean who needs dry cameras? Not me!)

Thanks to our lovely agency and client, Vue, Nick at Locate Productions, Street Cast Models, Rosalind Keep and Michelle on hair and makeup.

Halfords Journeys

Just noticed Halfords using the first of many shots from our great Journeys shoot a few weeks ago on their website. Looking forward to seeing more in due course and posting em here soon!

England Rugby #rugbywomen

I’m still shooting some other parts of this campaign (tomorrow actually, it’s set for rain and for once I’m pleased, we need to get some mud in there). Going to do a longer post about it soon as it’s been such a great one. Thanks to Vue, Carmen, Matt and Linz on this one.

New images in the Commissions section

Got some new commissioned work on my site here, this one is from my recent BBC iPlayer shoot (in case you couldn’t guess!). Thanks to Vue, Locate Productions and Sue Odell for all being great!

Hayley and Sam, Halfords BTS

I’m lucky to work with these two, Hayley and Sam, top assistants are hard to find!


I like the fine line between spontaneity and control on shoots and often for commissions its about getting some spontaneity into a fully controlled situation. For these shoots however it was literally me, my camera and these genuine groups of friends. My aim was to capture a bit of the spirit and energy of being 16.

There’s more here

Thanks to Sue Odell for the great casting!!

Sony & Halfords shoots

It’s been a busy start to July with shoots for Sony and Halfords already – in the heatwave too! Nice!

The Halfords shoot (BTS shots from day 1 by Aleks from Vue) was really varied with beaches, campsites, forests, various houses, christmas trees, fake ice, ice -creams, fake festivals and then the Sony shoot was out in the country with 100,000 midges in attendance!

Tube Strike


This whole shoot for BBC iPlayer was about people using the service and being able to pick up their programs on whatever device, wherever they are.

Crucially we wanted to remove the often cheesy and overly demonstrative expressions that you often see whenever a mobile is in a shot. So it was all about subtlety and, well, actually getting em watching stuff.

Thank you to our great art director Simon as well as Locate Productions, Sue Odell, Stanley’s Post, VUE and my usual team. Bravo!


I’ve been out in London shooting more for my City Symphony series (here) but got rumbled on this one!


Just found this from my last shoot in Dublin, not part of the brief but I like it anyway! They had all just come out of a matinee performance of Mamma Mia, rather them than me!!

BBC iPlayer shoot

Nice to see the first use of the images from our recent shoot for BBC iPlayer on their website. Will post some of the others soon, in the meantime thanks to Sue Odell, Locate Productions and our great art director Simon.

I love it when people dress like their surroundings #1

New Lowe Alpine site

It’s great as a photographer to see your images used really well and Lowe Alpine are doing a great job of it! There’s a great double page spread in the amazing Sidetracked magazine and now their new website is up and running. Here’s some of the banners.

It still makes me laugh to look at the second image here and remember us all rushing around in the pitch black with head torches on desperately trying to get everything ready for sunrise!


I’ve been shooting some personal work in a very scaled down way. Just letting things happen shooting groups of friends. Doing these kind of shoots really pushes me to look for the unexpected and react to the mood of the moment.

I’m not one to get too excited about the tools of photography but by using some tiny little Fuji cameras, no laptops, tripods or lights, I could basically shoot anywhere, right under the noses of train guards and jobsworth security guards! Not recommended for jobs obviously but my natural rebellious streak loved it!


Sara-Lily at home. Part of some new work I’ve been shooting this week.

Premier Inn kids

My ever growing manual of ‘How to get natural shots of kids even in the most staged of set ups’ (need to work on the title, get something a bit more snappy me thinks) now includes two new classics – get them pushing each other around on a trunki really quickly whilst the first aider looks anxiously on, and get em watching frozen (although any parent knows that trick!)

Babies, babies, babies!

Here’s the first of 2 recent campaigns for Cow & Gate.

Photographing babies for very specific ads is super tricky it’s got to be said but we had great casting from Sue Odell and great production from Locate Productions so that helped reign in the chaos somewhat!

Will have the next instalment soon from the Cape Town shoot where much younger babies had to clap hands or else we’d failed (gulp!).

Thanks also to the great team at BETC, great client and Vue

Lowe Alpine first ads

Nice to see the first uses of my recent Lowe Alpine shoot. Hoping to get a few double page spreads soon as well.

Great working with genuine climbers and fell runners and those locations were WELL worth the early starts, insect bites and kamikaze drives through winding mountain roads (mentioning no names Joe…).