Kerry Harrison


I feel like I’ve been ignoring my blog of late, seems like I’ve taken to Instagram ( here ) for those behind the scenes moments and random stuff and then it’s been a busy old start to the year so no time to get things sorted!

However I am MOST pleased to be back in Belgrade shooting more with Leo Burnett Belgrade and Bascelik production house. We worked together two years ago and it was one of my favourite shoots, lovely people, lovely city, lovely brief – basically a big bag of loveliness.

So here is the fantastic art director Milos on our recce from a few weeks ago, in his old art studio. Tomorrow we start the first shoot day of six and then it’s back for more in May, браво I say!



England Rugby

Found a few more images I like from the England Rugby shoot I did a few months ago. Genuine players, genuine moments but for very specific purposes. I nearly got flattened a couple of times but all in the pursuit of the image I say!

Walls Ice-Cream

Absolute messy chaos from a shoot last month. Lots of Cornettos and Twisters eaten all round!

Happy New Year!

I know a lot of people start the new year by throwing themselves into some crazy fitness regime but I’m full of cold so will have to just post some new fitness images whilst staying very still in the office and trying not to breathe on anyone.

Hoping to be match fit for Thursday and Friday when the first shoots of 2016 start but until then I’ll just be here sounding a bit like a Yorkshire Darth Vadar.


We did three great shoot days for Electrolux earlier this year and are hoping to get some of the images in-situ very soon. In the meantime here’s this one, which I really like, a nice tender (and quiet) moment!


Lots of new shots to come from this shoot. Managed to pull off a late summers evening feel despite the bitter cold, well done all!

Blistex ad campaign

Great to see the first of the new Blistex ads out and about.

Many thanks to the lovely clients, Scott, Henry and Katie from the agency. Sue Odell, Rebecca Pearson, Aleks and Cathy at Vue, Kate Vaughan, Hayley, Sam and Will, phew!

Lowe Alpine

We had all possible weather options up in the Lake District for our latest Lowe Alpine shoot. Here featuring rain, late afternoon sunshine and that lovely half way up a mountain blustery gale. Love it!


Here’s music producer (and my fellow film maker) David Gledhill at his studio in Hackney. There’s a really good article about the first single here






Bit of a low-res scan but I’m impatient. If only there was some instant camera, that didn’t even need film….wait a minute

Halfords festival

It’s a bit grim today in London so I thought I’d depress myself my posting a couple of these Halfords shots from that crazy heatwave week we had this summer. It was SO hot but a lovely shoot down by the coast…anyway, I’ve got to go into Bethnal Green in the drizzle so over and out for now!

Lowe Alpine

I’m excited to start showing some of the shots from last weeks shoot. Here’s one I can show now. It’s great that we just cast real climbers and people passionate about this kind of life. So here’s Tom, who as well as being with us on our shoot, runs this company which is basically a massive truck filled with climbers currently heading round South America. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we can commandeer it for the next shoot, I mean I like the Lake District but there’s something about Patagonia that appeals!


I shot some promo images for my good friend David Gledhill’s new project Souls. The last thing we did together was our feature film ‘We’re here for a good time not a long time’ (shameless plug of the trailer here – ) but for Souls he’s back to the music and the first single has been getting some nice play on Radio 1 and 6 music already.

Have a listen here or buy it here

Back from the Lakes

Just back from another great shoot with the Lowe Alpine lot and we’ve got a LOT of images to be looking through.

As always in the Lake District we had every concievable weather condition, often all of them in the space of an hour. We did get the golden hour shots we needed though but only just (and with travel sick ‘models’ due to the rally-esque driving to get to the top of the valley in time).

More to come but for now we’re getting used to city life again!

New Buffalo Lookbook

Nice to see this lovely lookbook from my shoot for Buffalo with Journal, although it can’t help but remind me of a bag of chips when wrapped like this – maybe thats just my northern roots.

Kids & Cars for Halfords

I hardly know where to start with blog posts about our recent Halfords shoot as there was so much variety going on. So lets start with kids and cars but exclude kids washing cars for now as that was a whole different kettle of fish (I mean who needs dry cameras? Not me!)

Thanks to our lovely agency and client, Vue, Nick at Locate Productions, Street Cast Models, Rosalind Keep and Michelle on hair and makeup.